An overview of PDO Threads Treatment

An overview of PDO Threads Treatment

PDO Thread Lifting

PDO is a dissolvable or absorbable substance that is used in many non-surgical as well as surgical treatments. This PDO thread lifts contains threads that are incorporated into the skin to give your skin a super firm, tight and uplifted look for a younger looking results. it inclines the levels of collagen into the skin which helps in fading wrinkles or fine lines and provide a super shiny look to your skin.

Working of PDO threads

During the process of aging, our skin structure appears weak from inside. As a result of which, our skin shows sagginess and loosening effect. This effect is usually not desirable in woman as it steals away the beauty. Therefore, PDO thread lift treatment is introduced to make this effect disappear from skin for a specific period of time. The PDO threads give collagen a restoration effect inside the skin, Mono Threads are the most common type of threads which are used widely by practitioners.

Patients for PDO Thread Treatment

The people who should use this treatment must have a professional assistance from a experienced dermatologist. Patients who are suffering from deep facial wrinkles or tissues folding of dermis layer inside the skin should first ask for professional guidance and then think about giving this treatment a try.

One candidate shall use this treatment without any practitioner in such field.

Duration of PDO Thread Treatment

This total duration of this treatment after the results are being appeared and seen fully is 20-24 months. But these are entirely dependent on condition of patients’ condition and type of skin.

Side effects of PDO Threads Treatment

PDO thread is a completely safe treatment from any sort of permanent side effects. it doe not carry any chemicals or other intoxications to ruin or have any side effect for your skin. However it may have some sort of temporary side effects which you will see after the treatment. But as the name already tells itself that the effects will be temporary i.e. for a short period of time.

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